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23 Reasons to Remain Childfree

Many women, such as myself are choosing to remain Childfree. Chances are if you are among us, your reasons for not having kids are one (or all) of the below.    You have no parental instinct.  This is #1 for a reason. If you can’t even keep a plant or goldfish alive you can’t handle another human.  Also, patience is more than a virtue it is a requirement with children. You feel people tend to have children for the wrong reasons (because that’s just what couples do, people trying to correct their unhappy childhood, they’re bored etc.)  I know people like this.  Their only goal in life is “to be…

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10-Step Korean Skincare Regimen

As an over 40 woman I know the importance of good skincare.  And I must say, unless you have been living under a rock you have to have heard of K (Korean)-Beauty.  It’s been big for a while now.  Korea is at the forefront of technological innovations in skincare and beauty.  A reason for that is because Korean women are very demanding and OBSESSED with their skin and looking their best.  The K-beauty industry is extremely competitive and only the best products which have proven benefits make it to the masses.  Also, the Korean beauty industry tends to use more natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals than US brands. Not…

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Back to School

It’s back to school season!  Even thought I haven’t been in school in a very long time, I still love back to school shopping. All the pens and planners and new fall clothes!  And since lately I have been an online shopping addict I figured I  would share some of my favorite Amazon back to school finds. Luckily some of them I was still able to purchase for the office or lab 🙂   (I am an Amazon affiliate)

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Happiness by Design (Change What You Do, Not How You Think) by Paul Dolan, PhD – Book Review

(Originally published in Brain World magazine) I am generally, not a big “self help” book reader – often I find them a bit too “hippie dippy” for my taste so I had doubts when I first opened the pages of “Happiness by Design”. Paul Dolan, PhD a Professor of Behavioural Science, focuses on developing ways to measure happiness and wellbeing. He then applies behavioral science to understand and change individual behavior. He gets his unique perspective from an economics background that helps set his book apart from many other self help happiness books. It’s not too touchy feely; he doesn’t ask you to get in touch with your inner child…

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Prelude to a Kiss: The Science of Kissing

couple kiss whimsy

(originally appeared in Brain World Magazine) Mae West once said, “A man’s kiss is his signature.” Surely, if you were blindfolded and kissed three or four people you could still recognize which one was your significant other. There is an art to the kiss, and there are certainly different styles of kissing. My girlfriends and I once theorized that everyone has their own style. How compatible their style is with yours is what makes them a good or bad kisser. This hypothesis came up shortly after discovering that we had all kissed the same guy and each of us had a different reaction. I’m a scientist and prone to over…

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Keeping Your Wits About You

I have a fear of losing my mind. Not in the crazy sort of way. It’s the fear of not being able to learn. Not being able to retain the information I feed it. The fear of dementia.  My father suffered from what seemed to be early-onset Alzheimer’s. There was discussion of his condition being precipitated by some heart medication — but nothing was for certain. It started very subtly. I noticed one winter when he picked me up for my holiday break in college. On the way home, we almost got into a car accident. I couldn’t tell if his eyesight was going or his hearing. Knowing something was…

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Genetic Epidemiology aka How I Spend My Days

  (originally posted Feb 1, 2015 on the Nature blog “SciLogs”)   I am delighted to be writing my first blog for SciLogs.  I thought for my initial post I should do a bit of an introduction in case you were wondering “Who is this girl with the Nerdy Mind?” I spend my days at the USC Keck School of Medicine doing genetic based cancer research.  (I often spend my spare time writing, watching movies and listening to my English Bulldog snore, but I think you’re here for the science.) When I started out about 11 years ago, our big new technology was Applied Biosystems Taqman Genotyper.  It allowed us…

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World Science Day

(originally published on Nov 10, 2014 on the blog “Loreall’s Nerdy Mind”) Today is World Science Day!  Every year on November 10 it raises awareness of the benefits of science worldwide.  This year’s theme is “Quality Science Education: ensuring a sustainable future for all.” Consider the existence of the Creationist Museum and climate deniers.  Not to mention Texas trying to omit evolution and climate change in text books, and a Scottsdale AZ Public School removing an entire page on pregnancy options from their Honors Biology book.  (HONORS Biology!)   It seems to me we here in the US need this now more than ever.  Large corporations and lobbyists are investing in…

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Was Dracula’s tombstone unearthed this past summer?

Dracula headstone whimsy

(originally published Oct 4,2014 on Loreall’s Nerdy Mind) A newly uncovered 16th century headstone in Naples’ Piazza Santa Maria La Nova, could belong to Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula.  It was found in the same graveyard that holds his daughter and son in law.  But why in Italy and not Transylvania? Dracula, which means son of dragon, was born into nobility as Count Vlad Teppes in 1431.  He disappeared battling the Ottoman Empire in 1476.  He was believed to have died but research from the University of Tallinn now suggests he was actually taken prisoner by the Turks and held for ransom.  Documents show his daughter Maria, who was married…

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Amazon Prime Day is almost here!!!

They say write what you know and if there are two things I know it would be shopping and skincare!  Today in honor of Amazon Prime Day I’ll talk about shopping at Amazon.   If you are one of those people that loves that “Christmas in July” feeling, Prime Day is probably one of your favorite days of summer. I love Prime day.  In case you haven’t noticed I’m a big lover of Amazon in general.  Some of my favorite items can be seen here:    In fact, I have some deals for you at the bottom of this post. Christmas in July is bigger than ever. Hallmark and Lifetime…

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