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Single and Losing…

If you read my first post you know I’m single and still looking for my Prince Charming.  One of my steps to my goal of wifedom is to lose weight. Over the years it really does slowly creep up on you.  My friends and I have been taking part in a six month long weight loss challenge at work. Well, it’s over and I have gained 10 pounds!   WTH!!, it’s the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do in a weight loss challenge!

Sugar Sugar

My Bestie was trying to help me figure out what the heck happened and how I gained ten pounds. I did give up sugar (for like, 2 weeks) and then slowly ended up back on the sugar and back to my old habits.  I gained 10 pounds.  So now I’m at a crossroads, I have to either really commit to eating healthy and losing the weight, or just say screw it I’m just gonna be fat and die alone. I’m one of those weirdo Girly Girls that’s been planning their wedding since they were 10 so screw it is not an option.  (It does make being forty and single even sadder but whatevs.)

I really have to commit to lose the weight.  To hopefully help, some of this blog is going to be me and my weight loss journey.  I hope the accountability of the Internet will work better than the accountability of my co- workers and paying for each pound you gain.  Because that clearly did not work. I will keep you guys updated and we can learn together, thru your comments all of the things that work for us. As they say, “if I can help just one person reached their goal while I reach mine, then the Internet humiliation will be worth it.” Or something like that.

At some point I will post Before & After pictures but I’m not a sadomasochist so I’m not posting the before picture until I get to my after.


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  1. I love your blog!!! Hang in there, I can tell you that you can meet your Prince Charming after 40….that’s exactly what my blog is about! ( I’m a fan and will be rooting for you!

  2. I just saw your post over in the bloggers site and came to check it out. This post caught my attention. I have been where you are. I moved home at the age of 41 as I left my hisband if 17 years. Single and starting over was no fun. I began working two jobs to support myself and my 16 year old daughter. It left no time for me, very little time for cooking healthy meals for my daughter and I. I gained weight. A lot of weight. I went on a Brachbody program, lost 25 pounds and was again happy with myself. But I still let life happen and gave up on myself yet again. This time, gaining 33 lbs. I was at my all time highest. It took me about a year maybe even two tonfinally get sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of how I looked, how I felt physically and emotionally. I feel I hit rock bottom on my own self esteem. It was then that I decided to just listen to my body. I knew certain foods caused me intestinal pain and bloat. I knew others caused me serious sinus problems,… I gave them up. Dairy and Wheat are no longer a part of my diet (unless there is no other option when at family gatherings or out to dinner). I also basically gave up meat, though I eat it occasionally. In about 4-5 months time I lost 45 lbs without working out! I no longer have intestinal pain, I no longer wake up coughing and congested due to sinus problems, I’m no longer tired and sluggish all day long. I feel better now at 49 years of age than I have in a very long time. So, my point is… listen to your body. Keep a daily food log and write down exactly how you feel after eating. Foods will trigger so many things… your emotions, your health, your energy levels etc. decide to eliminate foods that create a negative effect on your health and lifestyle. Notice a difference? Great! Eliminate it totally. Or do as I do, I will occasionally treat myself, but I usually pay for it for a few days. Lol. Best of luck to you, on your journey.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I know one thing I have to cut down on/give up is sugar…I am soooo addicted.

  3. You should definitely read Finding French Charming – it’s great! 🙂

    Have you heard of the 4 Tendencies personality book by Gretchen Rubin? I’m an Obliger which means I put everyone else first and cannot make myself do things for myself. I’m wondering if you are also an Obliger. If so then you, like me, may need to figure out the right combination to get the accountability you need. For example, the one time I won a weight-loss contest was when it was a partner contest. I didn’t want my partner to suffer because of my bad behavior so I rocked it and we won. I did another contest with the same trainer but it was individual effort. Needless to say, I lost nothing and basically failed.

    So not necessarily helpful but maybe?

  4. Hey! Finding the love of your life and being skinny isn’t related really. I mean, my BMI is 18.1, and I am also totally single and I am not so happy about it… But I believe eating healthily is important anyway, so keep going!

    Btw, I launched my vintage-inspired fashion blog some weeks ago:).

    1. I really need to give up/cut down on the sugar, I eat waaayyy too much. Congrats on the blog!

  5. Hey, I am not your target audience, but I’ve been reading your blog and it’s nice. Just don’t think you can’t find a person because you are overweight. It is totally possible.

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