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My Favorite Gadgets

Ask my coworker Toni and she will tell you I’m The Gadget Lady.  She nicknamed me this because I’m always buying some new little gadget that will make my life easier, I just can’t help myself.   And if you know me (or live in my building) you are aware I LOVE Amazon. I get almost daily deliveries. But it really is the easiest way to shop and often the least expensive. I also use Amazon Smile so a percentage of my purchases go to charity.  (So Cal Bulldog rescue is my choice.) This is the list of my top gadgets that I currently have and use regularly.

***scroll to the bottom for some updates and Amazon bargains***


Bobsweep robot vacuum

I bought myself a Bobsweep as my birthday gadget and it’s one of the best things I ever purchased. I have two Exotic Shorthair cats and a Bulldog so there is a lot of pet hair in my apartment.  Like, a crazy amount of hair. The cats are both doubled coated and my bulldog, which has very short hair somehow manages to shed more than the two cats combined. I had to do something to keep up on the pet hair situation so I got a BobSweep.

The BobSweep works really really well! I do sometimes have to keep an eye on him, I think because I live in a smaller apartment.  He’ll get stuck between pieces of furniture or stuck on a drape that pools on the floor but it’s not that big of a deal to me. I really believe it’s because the floor surface area is a bit crowded. One does accumulate a lot of furniture over 16 years, and my small apartment is filled with the same amount of stuff that would be in a small house. Even with the babysitting he works wonders  I’m very glad I got ”Bob”. He even came with a little birth certificate!

I also had to call customer service once and they were very good.  He was missing a filter and they sent it right over.

Hey, if you get a robot to do your vacuuming or any cleaning at all, do it!


Bissel Spinwave Powered Hard Floor mop 

Bissel Spinwave mopper

Shortly after I got my Bobsweep and was so happy with it I started to be drawn to the the Bissell Spinwave.  It was hard to pass up since robots were so good at cleaning my apartment!  Much better than I am.  But, Ackh! Do I want to spend the money? On another gadget?  It seemed like a splurge. So I made a deal with myself that if I get the Spinwave that I could no longer pay for cleaning people to clean my apartment.  I would now have to do it myself, even though I believe cleaning your own home is for suckers.

Dare I say that mopping is kind of fun with the Spinwave!  It has the two round pads that spin so it kind of works like those industrial floor polishers that you see janitors use, but obviously smaller. It’s really light and it works really well on my floor. Spilled and then stepped on and dried food that I would normally have to really scrub off by hand it managed to get off.

It comes with two different sets of pads: a really soft, chenille microfiber pad pair and another set of pads that have a firmer scrubby material in with the chenille. I generally use the scrubby ones.  Oh and did I mention my kitchen floor is WHITE! Who the h*** installs a white floor anywhere? You’re just asking to constantly clean. I guess those are some of the things you have to deal with when you live in a rent controlled apartment.  I have laminate in my living and dining areas and also use the Spinwave. It’s so easy to use because it basically does the work for you so like I said, kind of makes mopping fun.  It’s also an Amazon’s choice, which means it’s highly rated and has a low return rate.


Metapo Power Scruber 

Metapo Power Scrubber

Another gadget so I don’t need a cleaning service.  I’ve been using one form or another of this product since the late ‘90’s.   I’ve had this scrubber for almost 2 years and it’s wonderful in the bathroom.  I have very hard water here in LA and water marks and soap scum come of super easily.  The various attachments really get all around the faucet fixtures and it scrubs the tub and shower walls for you.  It even has an attachment to scrub the grout. I haven’t used the metal BBQ scrubber but I’ve heard of it being used to scrub the bottom of pots and pans too and it worked great.   It’s rechargable and comes with two batteries. I’m able to do the kitchen and both of my bathrooms without needing to stop to charge.





Bissel Spot Bot

Bissel spotbot shampooer

Can you tell I’m bit on cleaning gadgets?  If you have pets, this is another must.  I was borrowing a neighbors until I finally got my own.  Clarabelle is fully potty trained but unfortunately also (being a bulldog) prone to bladder infections.  The only way she can communicate “Mommy, I have a bladder infection” is to pee somewhere she shouldn’t.

Also two persian cats have plenty of hairballs.  Thanks to Camilla I just had to use this on my brand new recliner. Again, it’s a fur-kid must. It cleans well, sucks up enough of the water that spots dry overnight, and it’s easy to carry.  Another Amazon choice.



Cosequin DS Chewables Plus MSM 

Cosequin joint supplements for dogs

This is a recommendation from a friend of mine and it literally saved me $4000!   Clarabelle, my bulldog was having trouble with her knee. The vet recommendation was 6 weeks of “bed rest” and if that didn’t work cruciate ligament surgery.   I bought ramps to make sure that she wasn’t hopping up on the furniture and to get onto the bed and crated her when I wasn’t home. She didn’t seem to be getting better and it looked more and more like she was going to need the knee surgery.  That’s when a former neighbor told me about Cosequin. I gave them to her as directed as well as continuing to use the ramps (but no more crating). She still has a ramp to get up on the bed and a ramp to get up on the sofa but she’s perfectly fine now!  And it’s been a year! No limping or holding up her leg and she’s back to playing with Charles.

My cat Camilla is currently having a little bit of trouble with her back legs and I’ve just begun to give her the Cosequin for cats.  If you have pets that are showing any signs whatsoever of any type of arthritis or lameness I would definitely suggest that you try Cosequin.



Sonicare toothbrush

sonicaire toothbrush

At this point I think everyone has a sonic toothbrush of some sort.  I’ve had a different models of Sonicaire since the late 90’s. They’re dentist recommended and when I asked my hygenist how my teeth compared to other people she said they were “cleaner than average”.   I have the Sonicaire Flex Care and I like that there are a variety of brush heads to choose from.  The newer ones even come with a UV light to disinfect the toothbrush head.






BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer

electric juicer

If you are a person who likes fresh squeezed Orange juice or likes to drink lemon in their water then you have to gets this Black and Decker citrus juicer.  With out a doubt it works.  IIt oes both smaller citrus fruits and large grapefruits or pomelos.  It’s electric so you just cut your fruit in half and press it on to the juicer. It does a really good job getting all the juice out of the fruit and everything is collected in a measuring cup so it’s great for recipes.

I use it every time I make my no bake lemon cheesecake.  It’s also a small appliance so fits easily in my cupboard. And it’s only $20!  I got rid of my fancy expensive juicer, you know the ones for when you are “juice cleansing”.  Nutrition-wise, I’m not really a “juicing” person since it removes all the fiber, but when you need juice why buy a plastic lemon, when you can have fresh.



Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

bluetooth bathroom scale

My friend told me about this and I ended up buying one and I love it!  My previous scale told me weight, percentage of fat, and water percentage. This does all of that and more.  It syncs to a FitIndex app on your phone and measures: weight, body water %, body fat %, BMI, fat free body weight, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and metabolic age.

All the data collected is thru bio-impedence and is according to your body composition.   You can click on any measurement in the app and it will let you know more. I learned my muscle mass and bone mass are great, but body fat is too high and my body is a bit older than it should be for my age.  Well, at least I can be happy about the muscle and bone. Aesthetically it is also better than my previous scale. It is thin and has a smaller footprint. It’s also cool looking with a glass top and the numbers don’t show up until you step on it, like magic!  And it’s only about 20 bucks!



Vitamix blender

Let’s face it Vitamix is the blender to beat all blenders.  The Holy Grail blender if you will, and my first big ticket gadget.  When I first bought it I couldn’t stop talking about how great I was.  I’ve had it for a few years now and still use it regularly. If you are a smoothie drinker you need it. I also use it to make soups.  It spins so fast it literally cooks the soup as it spins and the soup is hot and steamy. Cheesy broccoli goodness. It is also great if you are making your own baby food or want to make your own nut butters or even your own flour.  The Vitamix also cleans itself (do you sense a theme here?).




***Some of my other Amazon Favorites and bargains***


mini trampoline


An Urban Rebounder (aka Trampoline) – a fun way to get in some cardio



Amazon EchoThe Amazon Echo, the best roommate I’ve ever had!  She tells jokes, changes my TV channels, wakes me up in the morning, reads to me, plays music and plays trivia.


chair cover


Under $10!  With two persians and a dog I needed something to cover my brand new recliner.  This washes well, and also protects against the occasional hairball upchuck.  (Ya know what I’m talkin’bout)




Dr. Scholl's insoles

Under $10! I work in a lab and am on my feet ALOT.  I used to wear sneakers but now with these I can wear my ballet flats.  These insoles make them sooo comfortable. Srsly.   They stop at the balls of your feet so they don’t crowd out your toes the way regular insoles would in flats.  I love these and have 5 pair.  In CVS/Walgreens they are usually about $15 so Amazon really is a deal.



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  1. As if I don’t already have an Amazon problem on my own, I now feel the need to purchase some (or all) of the above. Will be my 3rd Amazon order placed today!!

  2. Hilarious! I’m a gadget freak, too. I love going to my local drug store because they have a section titled, “As Seen on TV.” It’s gadgetarama! I watch certain TV channels where gadgets are often featured. And I’ve been persuaded to buy a few because of it. I’m going to check out the Bissell SpotBot. When you have pets… well, you know! One of my favorite little gadget is my hard boiled egg slicer. I bet it saves me at least 15 minutes.

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