Welcome to Whimsy & Wisdom

While I do have a Science blog (Nerdy-Mind.com), I have recently been drawn to writing about other topics I like.  I’m a Girly girl after all, I love fashion and makeup and all the gadgets that make my life easier.  I like to think I’m the grown-up Elle Woods of Science, with an English Bulldog instead of a chihuahua.

One day it suddenly dawned on me that I was creating a lifestyle blog.   Sigh…  Another lifestyle blog.
Then I realized there are Mom blogs up the whazoo, Christian blogs, Vegan blogs, Millennial blogs, Gay blogs, even blogs about blogging!

I‘m not writing about any of that. I’m an over 40, still single Gen X-er with no kids.  And so are a large portion of my friends.  Where’s the blog for us?  Right here!

Let us all enjoy a bit of Whimsy while I impart some Wisdom.  Welcome to Whimsy & Wisdom.