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23 Reasons to Remain Childfree

Many women, such as myself are choosing to remain Childfree. Chances are if you are among us, your reasons for not having kids are one (or all) of the below.   

A woman is a woman, having a child or not doesn’t define a woman’s spirit or her power.
  • You have no parental instinct.  This is #1 for a reason. If you can’t even keep a plant or goldfish alive you can’t handle another human.  Also, patience is more than a virtue it is a requirement with children.
  • You feel people tend to have children for the wrong reasons (because that’s just what couples do, people trying to correct their unhappy childhood, they’re bored etc.)  I know people like this.  Their only goal in life is “to be a Mom” and all they do is complain about how their mother didn’t love them enough as a child. 
  • The world is already over-populated, and resources are getting scarce.  The last thing Earth needs is more f*ckn people.  It used to be you couldn’t call yourself an Environmentalist if you ate meat, now you can’t call yourself an Environmentalist if you have kids.    
  • You already take care of your man-child of a spouse, elderly grand-parent, disabled parent or sibling.  You only have so much energy and care to give.  Don’t add to your burden. 
  • You’re single or in a crappy relationship and don’t know if you can do it alone.  Kids NEVER make a relationship better. (see # 6) If you can afford a Nanny go for it, otherwise…
  • Even if you have a good relationship a child can put a huge strain on it.  30% of couples split after having their first child!!  Why risk it.    
  •  You would rather not have your biggest contribution to the world be another person.  Maybe saving the world is more your jam.  Or at least making it better.  Get an education and cure cancer or solve climate change. 
  • You realize the world doesn’t need a mini-you, and you aren’t selfish enough to have a child just to answer the question “who will take care of you when you’re old?”  And there are no guarantees they will.   (see #10)
  • You have no help, no family, no support.  No childcare options.  Everyone says it takes a village, so if you don’t have one what are you going to do?  (Hint: Not have a kid)
  • Children are people and have their own personalities.  They might be an asshole you’re stuck with for life.  And if they are an asshole, it’s your fault, you raised them.
  • You know the water wars are coming.  Seriously, global climate destabilization has already begun.  The Maldives are disappearing and there are already climate refugees. 
  • You can’t afford it.  It is a HUGE financial commitment.  And if you don’t have health insurance you are looking at decades of debt.   50% of all bankruptcies in the US, are due to medical bills.
  • You’re too young (personally, I don’t think anyone should get married or have children under 30) or too old. 
  • You are antinatalist and feel it is immoral to bring someone into this world to suffer through life. Or the Kardashians.  Afterall, it’s not like you can ask them if they want to be born. 
  • You love your partner but even you realize they shouldn’t reproduce.  They’re sort of a loveable loser, like Seth Rogan but without any of the success.
  • Just like “Adopt don’t Shop” for pets, you know there are plenty of kids out there in foster care waiting to be adopted.
  • You’re just plain afraid.  Of being trapped, disappointed, resentful… afraid the kid may be a serial killer, grow up being constantly bullied or write fanfiction. 
  • You are not well enough to take care of another person, you can barely take care of yourself. 
  • You have an inheritable health issue.  No one wants to pass on their undesirable genetics.  Schizophrenia, alcoholism or love of cilantro.
  • You’d rather focus on your career, men have done it for centuries.  If it’s fulfilling and you love it why not?
  • Pregnancy is gross (hemorrhoids anyone), the birth process is Hella scary (you can literally rip open) and you’ll never get your pre-baby body back
  • Seriously stretch marks, droopy breast, dark spots, and peeing your pants are in your future.

And the best reason of all…

You just plain don’t want to, and YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!!

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