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23 Reasons to Remain Childfree

Many women, such as myself are choosing to remain Childfree. Chances are if you are among us, your reasons for not having kids are one (or all) of the below.    You have no parental instinct.  This is #1 for a reason. If you can’t even keep a plant or goldfish alive you can’t handle another human.  Also, patience is more than a virtue it is a requirement with children. You feel people tend to have children for the wrong reasons (because that’s just what couples do, people trying to correct their unhappy childhood, they’re bored etc.)  I know people like this.  Their only goal in life is “to be…

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Happiness by Design (Change What You Do, Not How You Think) by Paul Dolan, PhD – Book Review

(Originally published in Brain World magazine) I am generally, not a big “self help” book reader – often I find them a bit too “hippie dippy” for my taste so I had doubts when I first opened the pages of “Happiness by Design”. Paul Dolan, PhD a Professor of Behavioural Science, focuses on developing ways to measure happiness and wellbeing. He then applies behavioral science to understand and change individual behavior. He gets his unique perspective from an economics background that helps set his book apart from many other self help happiness books. It’s not too touchy feely; he doesn’t ask you to get in touch with your inner child…

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