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Happiness by Design (Change What You Do, Not How You Think) by Paul Dolan, PhD – Book Review

(Originally published in Brain World magazine) I am generally, not a big “self help” book reader – often I find them a bit too “hippie dippy” for my taste so I had doubts when I first opened the pages of “Happiness by Design”. Paul Dolan, PhD a Professor of Behavioural Science, focuses on developing ways to measure happiness and wellbeing. He then applies behavioral science to understand and change individual behavior. He gets his unique perspective from an economics background that helps set his book apart from many other self help happiness books. It’s not too touchy feely; he doesn’t ask you to get in touch with your inner child…

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Welcome to the Whimsy & Wisdom blog!

I hope that you enjoy and get some wisdom from my blog.  Since we’re both new here, I thought I would introduce the blog a bit.  Of course like anything creative it is an organic entity, meaning it will grow quit possibly into something completely different from what I had originally planned on.  Life just works that way. You plant the seeds not knowing exactly what you will get, but rest assured whatever you get will bloom and flourish into something lovely. However, you don’t find those seeds to plant without digging in some dirt.  The seeds of my blog were discovered around the time my Mom decided to sell…

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While I do have a Science blog (Nerdy-Mind.com), I have recently been drawn to writing about other topics I like.  I’m a Girly girl after all, I love fashion and makeup and all the gadgets that make my life easier.  I like to think I’m the grown-up Elle Woods of Science, with an English Bulldog instead of a chihuahua. One day it suddenly dawned on me that I was creating a lifestyle blog.   Sigh…  Another lifestyle blog. Then I realized there are Mom blogs up the whazoo, Christian blogs, Vegan blogs, Millennial blogs, Gay blogs, even blogs about blogging! I‘m not writing about any of that. I’m an over 40,…

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