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10-Step Korean Skincare Regimen

As an over 40 woman I know the importance of good skincare.  And I must say, unless you have been living under a rock you have to have heard of K (Korean)-Beauty.  It’s been big for a while now.  Korea is at the forefront of technological innovations in skincare and beauty.  A reason for that is because Korean women are very demanding and OBSESSED with their skin and looking their best.  The K-beauty industry is extremely competitive and only the best products which have proven benefits make it to the masses.  Also, the Korean beauty industry tends to use more natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals than US brands. Not…

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My Favorite Instagrams

If you can tell a lot about a person by the Instagram accounts they follow, then you will know this about me:  I love animals, pretty whimsical things, and skin care.  You can also guess I‘m into science, and think “kids are the worst”. Here are my top Instagram accounts that I to follow in no particular order. Ha Ha.  I totally have OCD, they’re in alphabetical order. And obviously don’t forget to follow ME on Instagram @whimsy&wisdom avec.possum Did you know opossums were so adorable?  I mean seriously, look at this Aww, those lil’ grabbies.  These opossums are rescues being fostered for release back into the wild.   bostonballet…

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Birchbox v Sephora Play!

Ahh… the subscription beauty box, it’s like each month is your birthday!  How fun is it to open your mailbox and find that little package has been delivered?  It really is the best way to try out new beauty products in a super affordable way.  But which box is better?  Let’s compare. Both Play! and Birchbox give you a somewhat personalized collection of five deluxe samples of haircare, skincare, perfume, and makeup products.  The deluxe sizes are about the same size as a travel size.  Also, both boxes cost about $10/month.  Any items you like you can find for sale on the Birchbox or Sephora website.  Upon joining each service…

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