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My Favorite Instagrams

If you can tell a lot about a person by the Instagram accounts they follow, then you will know this about me:  I love animals, pretty whimsical things, and skin care.  You can also guess I‘m into science, and think “kids are the worst”.

Here are my top Instagram accounts that I to follow in no particular order.

Ha Ha.  I totally have OCD, they’re in alphabetical order.

And obviously don’t forget to follow ME on Instagram @whimsy&wisdom


Did you know opossums were so adorable?  I mean seriously, look at this


Aww, those lil’ grabbies.  These opossums are rescues being fostered for release back into the wild.



My favorite dance form, from my favorite city.  They show rehearsals, costumes, backstage, and the short videos are amazing.

@bostonballet @bettestastic



An account just started this January and already rockin it. “NYC gal working Dave Ramsey’s baby steps to pay off my debt”




I seldom have any time to do any crafty DIY myself, but this instagram account has hair and makeup tutorials as well as fun crafts.  I enjoy just watching the creativity of the videos



For the Science Nerd in all of us, this account is pretty much all videos, but don’t worry they’re short.  You can see everything from how surgical procedures are done to how astronauts eat.




They really are and Anna Macfarlane has evidence.  As she statesIt’s ok to laugh. You were the worst once, too.”



How do the French keep looking so chic? Quality skin care. Le French Skincare is a website where you can get French skincare must haves in the USA.


Speaking of the French…


Megan has the prettiest instagram in all of the web. She lives in Paris as a fashion illustrator and just finished a childrens’ book “Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris”.  She also has her own line of Hallmark Greeting cards, tableware, and a capsule collection.




I have Charles and Camilla (my two Exotic shorthairs) and Instagram has Pino and Ohno.   Two adorable Canadian felines with the “purrfect amount of smush”.



So there are my favorite Instagrams to follow, what are yours?

Add a comment below…